Education is a major priority for the UAE. As it evolves into a diversified, knowledge-based services economy, education will be the driving force. To make this a reality, the government has proactively been setting up legal< framework to support the development of human capital.


The sector is broad and includes pre-schools, schools, colleges, research institutes, certification & training institutes – covering formal, technical and vocational skills. Also, the growth of virtual education, e-learning, and academic freezones such as Knowledge Village, Academic City creates new models for learning.
For instance, during the 2014 academic year, 305,000 students attended 685 government schools, whilst 605,000 students were enrolled in 489 private establishments. This number is set to grow rapidly over the next few years creating both new challenges and opportunities.


Various laws apply on local/Emirate and Federal level with different governing bodies such as Knowledge and Human Development Authority Ministry of Education (MOE), education councils based on the situation.


Understanding the above complexity requires a strong and trusted legal partner. Over the past 15 years, Al Gharib Law Firm has built solid experience working across all facets of the Education sector.
Drawing from our various practices such as IP, commercial law, employment, and arbitration, we have worked with clients and helped them arrive at the best possible outcome.


Our Education practice related legal services, include, but are not limited to:


  • Advise clients in bid management, contract administration
  • Guidance related under the applicable laws
  • Preparation, negotiation and review of RFPs, to meet fair contracting and procurement
  • Provide advisory on regulatory and compliance issues on a local/Federal level
  • M&A or joint ventures related to education providers
  • Financing towards the set-up, infrastructure, expansion of educational institutes
  • Represent clients in disputes/conflicts before administrative boards and courts
  • Set-up and structuring of companies in mainland or offshore in freezones
  • Working with regulatory authorities, councils, committees, Ministries for approvals
  • Delivery of procurement contracts and opportunity identification
  • Contract template development and maintenance
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