Trading (Import/Export)

The UAE is a major trading hub. Sitting at the strategic cross roads of Europe, Asia and Africa – billions of dollars and millions of tons worth of goods pass through it every day via import and export. From non-oil goods, such as auto-mobile parts, agricultural, chemical products, food, metals, machinery, electronics, clothes, construction material trading is a major contributor to the country’s economy.


Facilitating this massive trade are a complex network of traders, insurers, banks, shipping lines, clearing and forwarding agents, haulers, and Free Zone licensees, that include marine services, manifest and cargo handling services.Such a major and dynamic sector has its share of legal challenges. As a sector, it encompasses export laws, cross-border jurisdictions, overlapping with commercial/civil and criminal law, taxation, electronic trading, customs to name a few.
The Al Gharib Law Firm of experts understand this sector and provide the whole spectrum of legal services. Our international and local market experience honed over the past 15 years has helped us to advise clients throughout the trading sector.


Our firm supports foreign investors in direct investments and marketing inside the country. We provide legal advice and consultation related to all major overseas markets. We handle the full panoply of matters, such as commercial transactions and trade processing, policy disputes, transfer of technology, export control, cross-border litigation, foreign investment reviews, compliance and anti-money laundering.


Noted for our adoption of innovative practices, we have advised major trading groups and suppliers on the legal framework in a practical and effective way. Our meet the requirements of public and private international trade law with awareness about treaties related to protection of investment, prevention of dual taxation with countries such as China, Canada, Germany, France and Italy.


Our Trading practice offers legal services, that include, but are not limited to:


  • Handle product safety & liability issues in all kinds of industries
  • Advisory on customs, shipping, duties, taxes
  • Agreements of merger, amalgamation and commercial acquisition
  • Representation of manufacturers and sale by agency contracts
  • Legal documentation related to sea, road, train and air transportation
  • Commercial rights preservation agreements
  • Drafting commercial contracts related to procurement, outsourcing, shipping, logistics–Employment legal advice dealing with contracts, restructures and redundancies
  • Legal advice across all trading distribution channels (aviation, ports, rail and road)
  • Advisory on property, warehouses, storage facilities, leasing, stock
  • Insurance related to trading contracts, stock, storage
  • Setup and structuring of companies ‘onshore’ or offshore i.e. in freezones.
  • IP advisory related to brand protection, counterfeits, piracy and trademarks
  • Advisory on M&A, disposals, shareholder arrangements and joint ventures
  • Raising finance related to trading companies
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