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UAE sits on the cross roads of commerce. As a hub between Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East it’s centrally it’s located and only five hours from 25% of the world’s population.Thanks to its visionary leadership, strong global logistics and transport network, world class infrastructure, it has attracted millions of residents, expatriates, investors, businessmen, traders from all over the world.

To navigate this immense opportunity and have seamless risk-free trade you need a strong legal partner. A legal partner who understands corporate law across the spectrum and protects your interests – from a startup, SME, multi-national to a large family owned conglomerate.

With over 15 years’ experience, Al Gharib has helped hundreds of clients from incorporation, general commercial & advisory; joint ventures (JV); commercial agencies; consumer protection and competition, anti-corruption, transactional, litigation, regulatory areas and provided clients with innovative solutions for complex business and legal matters.

Our strength lies in our local knowledge of the legal and regulatory environment with the delivery of our advice in line with international legal standards. Net result? Cost-effective, practical and commercial legal advice that delivers results.

Al Gharib’s Commercial Advisory practice provides a comprehensive range of advice needed by corporate or commercial clients. Our strength lies in our knowledge of the local legal and regulatory environment coupled with international legal standards.

The Expertise of Our Corporate & Business Practice includes:

  • Incorporation experience in main-land UAE and 20 major free zones
  • Drafted Memoranda and Articles of Association of companies and amendments
  • Advised on internal regulations between Boards of Directors and General Assemblies
  • Submitted, followed-up and finalized companies’ registration formalities
  • Drafted and supervised implementation of the corporate governance and compliance
  • Drafted commercial agency, franchise and distribution agreements
  • Negotiated local and international commercial agreements including sales of goods
  • Concluded bank facilities, advised local/foreign banks in respect of their operations
  • Handled due diligence mandates on behalf of foreign companies and banks
  • Reviewed local and international investment contracts and defended claims
  • Negotiated and reviewed rental and other service contracts and provided legal advice.
  • Provided legal advice, counselling on local and international business laws
  • Drafted points of claims and briefings to courts, commissions

Company Establishment Services

We helps clients in the incorporation of companies. With over 20 major freezones, 7 Emirates in the UAE, each with its own processes, legal framework setting up a company that is properly structured, legally sound, and accommodates future requirements can be a challenge. Our services include drafting of contracts, agreements and memoranda of association (MoA) in addition to the amalgamation of different establishments inside and/or outside the UAE. Moreover, we enable our clients to obtain commercial and industrial licenses in the following legal forms:

  • Limited liability companies
  • Private joint stock companies
  • Public joint stock companies
  • Merger and amalgamation of companies and banks
  • Companies limited by shares
  • Branches of foreign companies and representative offices
  • Specialized companies
  • Free zone companies

Al Gharib has wide experiences in dealing with transactions related to merger, amalgamation, acquisition, restructuring, assets liquidation, changes in equities of stakeholders, stock market as well as dealing in transactions related to bankruptcy and liquidation of companies.

Corporate law

The corporate law represents the backbone of our activities, due to the inter-relation between business and law. We provide clients legal orientation, highlights, opportunities and potential risks of the business in the UAE. Our Advocates also assist domestic and international clients with legal recommendations and advice in the management of their day-to- day-business activities regarding the legal aspects to avoid potential legal problems.

Our services include, but not limited to:

  • Commercial agencies,
  • Sale and purchases,
  • Debts,
  • Bank finance,
  • Insurance,
  • Loans,
  • Financial reserves,
  • Bankruptcy,
  • Delivery of goods and services.

International Commercial Transactions

We represent different cultures, and are hence accustomed to and aware of many internationally adopted legal systems. Our legal practices also include the drafting and negotiation of commercial contracts in all fields of business; that’s to say:

Agreements of merger, amalgamation and commercial acquisition – Representation of manufacturers and sale by agency contracts – Licenses and franchise agreements – Legal affairs related to sea and air transportation – Employment and management agreements – Commercial rights preservation agreements

The advocates of Al Gharib Law Firm have legal capabilities that meet the requirements of public/private international law, agreements, investment treaties and prevention of dual taxation with countries such as China, Canada, Germany, France, Italy and Sudan to name a few.

The international trade represents an important part of our legal practice as our Firm supports foreign investors in direct investments and marketing inside the country. Internally, we provide legal advices and consultation related to markets such as USA, Europe and countries of the Soviet Bloc.

International Trade & Investments

On the international level, the firm handles full panoply of matters, such as

  • Commercial transactions and trade processing,
  • Trade policy disputes,
  • Transfer of technology and export control,
  • Cross-border litigation,
  • Foreign investment reviews,
  • Boycott and corrupt practice compliance,
  • Money laundry and trade sanctions.

Product Liability

The firm practices and handles consumer, product and environmental safety issues relating to products used in industries, such as :

  • Motor vehicles,
  • Food stuff
  • Agricultural and chemical products.

General Commercial & Advisory

Our lawyers advise on a wide range of commercial arrangements considering the nature of the business.Our services range from

  • Reviewing standard form agreements,
  • Drafting and assisting with the negotiation of complex bespoke commercial arrangements such as franchise,
  • Distribution,
  • Agency and commission arrangements,
  • Including advising on the effect of these arrangements being registered with the local authorities.

We are aware of current practices which ensures that our advice is practical, considering the commercial, procedural, and legal issues that may arise.

Joint Ventures

We have detailed knowledge of the local licensing and regulatory environment, when structuring a joint venture and shareholding patterns.

Our team ensures all potential issues are identified and appropriately provided for.

Consumer Protection & Competition

We can provide practical advice on consumer protection and competition laws applicable throughout the region, including issues such as

  • Prohibited monopolies,
  • Warranty,
  • After sales service,
  • Product recall.


While many clients may be familiar with foreign legislation such as the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Bribery Act, they are often less familiar with local law requirements, many of which have cultural, ethical and social implications.

We have the experience to advise on local anti-bribery and corruption legislation in the context of dealings with both public officials (government) and the private sector.

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