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Criminal Law

The UAE criminal law is a federal law derived from provisions of Islamic Sharia. Its primary objective to punish the wrongdoer; give a strong inducement not to commit same or similar crimes, to reform if possible and satisfy the public sense that wrongdoing ought to meet with retribution.

At Al Gharib, we represent all types of criminal cases regardless of the nature, gender, religion or nationality of the client – from routine to complex cases, from Federal to local crimes.

Our multi-lingual lawyers draw their expertise and experience from various civil law and common law jurisdictions within the UAE, regionally and internationally. This gives us the edge to provide comprehensive, fair, professional service that clients need from initial legal advice, to drafting, advocacy from first instance court, appeal court or Supreme Court as applicable.

In the past 15 years, we have expertly handled cases from police investigation to prosecution and criminal court until the case is closed.

Our Criminal Law practice services include, but is not limited to:

  • Help on cheque dishonor/default (bouncing) cases
  • Handle white collar criminal matters
  • Legal support for currency forgery, embezzlement, asset tracing and freezing cases
  • Help with bail, memos, pleadings related to misdemeanors and violations
  • Working with our international legal partners to handle cross-jurisdiction crimes
  • Assist in internal investigations into potential violations of criminal law
  • Working with auditing and forensic accountants for financial crimes and fraud
  • Helping corporate clients on compliance with anti-bribery & corruption laws
  • Advising on extradition and mutual legal assistance
  • Handle cases related to theft, assault, battery, defamation, juvenile, abuse and drugs
  • Legal support in medical negligence
  • Assist in abduction and extortion cases
  • Cases related to sexual harassment, molestation , rape and crimes against women
  • Working with ICT experts on cyber-crimes, identity theft, social media offences
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