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Employment & Labour Law

The UAE is a unique market in terms of employment and labour laws. With around 80% of the residents who are expatriates, the establishment of more than 20 major free trade zones, non-freezone companies, the regulations sit alongside Federal laws. Most of the freezones follow UAE Labor Law; however, they need not, as they are independent to follow their own set of rules and policies. In addition to the UAE Labour Law, the free zones may have their own rules, which they follow. And some rules and regulations maybe unique to the employer or profession.

According to the Ministry of Labour, the number of registered employees were 4.7 million by the end of 2015. In this talent pool are skilled, unskilled, contract-based ranging from laborer to Senior Managers. They in turn could be self-employed (entrepreneurs) or an employee.

The number of establishments registered were 325,000 – including 9,500 facilities with large and medium employment numbers, accounting to 51% of the total employment numbers in the UAE. In such a layered, complex and diverse environment, ensuring the rights of the employer and employee are protected as per the UAE framework is essential.

The lawyers of Al Gharib provide consultancy in all aspects of employment and labour laws. To name a few…

  • Labor and residence law, including immigration
  • Hiring, termination, worker abuse issues
  • Workers’ rights and assessment of dues
  • Drafting employment agreements, limited contracts
  • Personal complaints
  • Wage disputes
  • Termination, suspension, leaves and working time
  • Gratuity and/or overtime calculation
  • Labour ban or disputes
  • Cancellation and absence from work
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Employment considerations of juveniles, physically challenged people
  • Pension schemes/end of service gratuity payment
  • Employee discrimination and harassment
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