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Family Law

“We are proud to have received ‘The Family Law Firm of the Year 2017″ for UAE.”

A family is the most important social institution and locus of a person’s social activity. It is a social unit created by blood, marriage, or adoption, and can be nuclear (parents and children) or extended – i.e. encompassing other relatives.

However, at times this institution goes through adversity. Any change in the relationship status can be distressing to all parties. The general divorce rate among in Dubai – whether both spouses are UAE nationals or not, reached 6 for thousands of the UAE population in the Emirate.

Incompatibility, financial pressures, demanding lifestyle, poor work-life balance, weak family support system, compared to their home country especially with expatriates, are one of many reasons for rising divorce rates.


The UAE is one of few Muslim countries in the world that has a codified personal law based on the Sharia. The Personal Status Law governs matters like marriage, divorce, inheritance etc and applicable to all Muslims, irrespective of their nationality. However, non-Muslim citizens and expatriates are given the freedom to opt out and choose their own laws. For e.g. an Indian Hindu in the UAE is free to choose to be governed by the Hindu Marriage Act.


In such a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religion tolerant environment with a mix of expatriates from 200 nationalities and UAE Nationals (Emiratis), requires trusted legal counsel that understands the various layers and complexity involved.


Over 15 years, Al Gharib has helped hundreds of clients – individuals, couples, families handle delicate matters, sensitively, tactfully with respect while ensuring our client’s legal rights are protected. Our lawyers are well versed in Family law on both UAE and international laws and competent to handle all cases with regards.

Our Family Legal Services include:

  • Resolving family law matters, including divorce, separation, alimony
  • Family related financial and property disputes
  • Draft agreements, court divorce petition and sanction the final consent order
  • Provide counsel on personal status law
  • File for maintenance cases before or during the divorce
  • Assist in divorce, rules for maintenance on wife, dependent, children or parents
  • Filiation matters i.e. determining the parentage of a child
  • Cases related to child support
  • Help with adoption, succession and inheritance matters
  • Settlement to avoid estrangement within the family
  • Guidance for expatriates, if the spouse is of different religion and/or nationality
  • Provide counsel in cases between UAE Nationals (Emiratis) and expatriates

The Advocates at Al Gharib provide full legal assistance in family matters including, but not limited to, the consultancy, negotiation of agreements, reconciliation as well as proceedings in the following matters: Marriage contracts, divorce, custody, supports, inheritance, wills and guardianships.

The Firm mixes between the wide knowledge and experience in Islamic Principles (Sharia) and the UAE civil law. Due to the demographic composition of the UAE and the diversification of residents’ nationalities and the increasing number of inter-racial marriage cases, Al Gharib has a professional competence of Personal Status Laws under the various legal systems.

Our legal team can deal with complicated multi-disciplinary issues and conflict of laws in solving family problems that occur between multi-national couples residing in the UAE.

To provide the highest level of legal services to our clients, we have established special section for amicable settlements and resolution of disputes relating to personal status under the different religions. This section is specialized in settlements and resolution of disputes that arise between the different parties who wish to amicably solve and settle their problems without referring the same to courts.

Through this approach, they can save time that is usually wasted in the process of litigation. This procedure also safeguards the rights of the parties through settlements acceptable to all opponents in addition to the attestation of settlements before the competent authorities to ensure preservation of all parties’ rights. This whole process is carried out by a specialized and experienced.

The team is headed by the ex-judge in Dubai Courts and the Firm’s advocate and legal consultant, Mr. Abdul Mutalib Ali Ahmed.

This Section is concerned with the issuance of legal attestations, identification and assessment of inheritance components, obligations, debts and their settlement.

It also includes receiving and following-up of lawsuits by or against the successors before the courts and distribution to successors.

The services also include management of the inheritance, providing periodical reports to successors, and safeguard its components if the parties want them to be maintained until the time of distribution and assignments.

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