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Real Estate Law

Between 2000-09, the real estate market grew rapidly in the UAE. The real estate services sector employed about 821,560 people (18.6% of the total workforce), while the sector contributed about 13.3% to the gross domestic product in 2015.

Clearly, real estate is a strategic market and essential for diversification of the UAE economy. However with the huge mix of expatriates, free-hold properties, non-free hold, various laws that touch labour, finance, banking and facilities management, having a strong legal partner who helps clients navigate them is essential.

Our real estate legal practice include matters pertaining to selling, purchasing, development, financing, construction, reconstruction, lease and management of properties between our clients , developers and traders of industrial and residential properties whose activities include the construction of warehouses, malls, hotels, offices, tourism resorts and restaurants.

We regularly discuss the real estate agreements with our local and international clients whether being sellers, buyers, lessors, developers, architects or contractors. The real estate portfolio includes residential, commercial, malls, educational and health care.

Our services provided in the real estate field include:

  • Sale and purchase of residential and commercial properties.
  • Long term lease contracts/agreements.
  • Constructional contracts.
  • Real estate finance.
  • Investing in hotels and resorts.
  • Disputes related to real estate investment
  • Landlord/Tenancy contracts, disputes
  • Facilities management issues
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